Our Fit-Out Services

Step into a world of sophistication and timeless beauty with Interior Concept (ICO), your dedicated partner for superior fit-out interior design in Oman. Our commitment goes beyond traditional decoration, aiming to craft living spaces that encapsulate luxury home interiors, modern interior concepts, and elegant aesthetics while honoring Oman’s rich cultural heritage.

Unlock Your Space’s Full Potential

What We offer in FIT-OUT Services

We offer a comprehensive range of FIT-OUT services to meet your unique needs

Wooden Works for Luxury Home Interiors in Oman

Our expert craftsmen specialize in wooden works, creating exquisite furniture, cabinetry, and fixtures to elevate luxury home interiors in Oman.

Gypsum Works Transforming Omani Interior Decor

We offer top-notch gypsum works, including drywall, plastering, and decorative molding, to enhance the beauty of Omani interior decor.

Painting Works Bringing Color to Commercial Interior Design

Our skilled painters handle both interior and exterior projects, from wall painting to specialty finishes, perfect for commercial interior design.

Glass & Mirror Installations for Modern Interior Concepts in Oman

We are your go-to source for glass and mirror installations, creating contemporary elements for modern interior concepts in Oman.

Lighting & Chandelier Services by Oman's Best Interior Designers

 Our team of top interior designers in Oman designs and installs exquisite lighting fixtures and chandeliers to illuminate and beautify your space.

Aluminum Solutions Enriching Omani Interior Architecture

Our aluminum services provide a modern touch to Omani interior architecture, with innovative windows, doors, and curtain walls.

Curtains & Blinds Adding Elegance to Home Renovation in Oman

Elevate your home renovation project in Oman with our selection, installation, and customization of curtains, drapes, blinds, and window treatments.

Furniture Selection for Modern Living in Oman

Discover the finest in modern furniture in Oman as we assist in the selection, purchase, and arrangement of furniture for your interior spaces.

Rugs & Textiles for Residential Interior Styles in Oman

We offer a wide selection of rugs, carpets, and textiles to match various residential interior styles, making your space cozy and inviting.

Artistic Painting

Unleashing Creativity for Vintage Interior Inspiration: Our artistic painting services include custom painting techniques, murals, and wall art to breathe life into vintage interior inspiration.

Decorative Accessories

Enhancing Oman’s Interior Aesthetics: Find a range of decorative items such as vases and sculptures to enhance the aesthetics of your interior space, in line with Omani interior aesthetics.

Tiles & Marble Elevating Elegance in Oman's Interior Spaces

We specialize in the installation of tiles and marble, adding an elegant touch to your flooring, walls, and countertops in Oman.

Metal Solutions for Office Interior Solutions

Our metal services incorporate iron and stainless steel elements, such as railings and fixtures, to meet the requirements of office interior solutions.

Smart Homes for Sustainable Interiors in Oman

We integrate smart home technology to create sustainable interiors in Oman, providing automation and control for lighting, security, and climate.

Landscaping Complementing Coastal Interior Design and More

Our landscaping services enhance outdoor spaces, from gardens to hardscapes, complementing coastal interior design and providing a source of vintage interior inspiration in Oman.

Supervision Service

Introducing ICO’s Supervision Service: Our expert supervisors ensure flawless outfitting project execution, overseeing every detail from planning to completion. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.